Seller Shipping, Returns and Refunds

Seller Shipping

To sell on the Wild Art Gallery marketplace you will of course have to post your artwork/creations to the customer.

You will need to think very carefully about shipping your items and consider the following: what does it measure?  how heavy is it?  how can it be packaged so it arrives safely?  How much compensation will I need to cover it?  Have a look into delivery services and see what they charge for the size and weight of a parcel.    Please read what type of goods delivery services will and will not post, not all companies offer compensation for the delivery of paintings/artwork.  A service with a tracking number or signature is highly recommended for proof of postage incase the item gets lost in the post.  You will not be able to claim compensation without proof of postage.

As a seller you must:

Keep track of your orders by using your seller dashboard.

Pack all items as carefully as possible to avoid damage.  Use bubblewrap or packing paper to protect items.  Paintings will need to be packed with extreme care, double walled cardboard boxes are strong and offer good protection.  

Post items within 2-3 working days if possible.

Be prepared for returns incase an item was damaged in the post.

Returns and Refunds

The customer has the right to return a 'non personalised' item if it is damaged, or if they have changed their mind.  Customers have 30 days to notify you if they want to return or exchange the item.  This starts from the day they receive their item.  If they decide to return the item they will either contact yourself or us informing of their intention to return.  They will need to return the item, ensuring that the item is packed well and we recommend a service with tracking.  The customer will have to pay for the return shipping if they have simply changed their mind.  In the event of a damaged item, the customer will be required to take photos of the item so we can assess whether they are entitled to a refund.  If an item you sell offers a personalised option then please state that returns are not accepted on your item listing.  When an item has been returned to you safely in the same condition you posted it, then a refund can then be sent to the customer. 

These policies are a part of the terms and conditions you agree to when registering with the Wild Art Gallery marketplace.