Seller Obligations

Seller Obligations


Be committed to selling your work online


Only sell products that fit within our guidelines


Respond to customer queries in good time


Stick to our pricing standard where your prices are the same across all of your selling platforms.


Upload high quality photographs of each product with a clear plain background.  Pictures should be at least 1000 pixels.


Pay us 15% of all sales, this happens automatically when a purchase is made.


No international postage (UK only).


Pack your items well, presentation is important and so is a safe delivery!


Wild Art Gallery Obligations


We will provide a safe, fully serviced and data protected online marketplace for you to sell your products.


Provide you with a facility to upload unlimited products.


Provide a dashboard that is easy to use, and a storefront to showcase your products.


Monitor the website for quality control and vet all prospective artists in terms of product standard.


We will be available to answer queries by email daily and help as best we can with any issues that may arise.




Wild Art Gallery cannot be responsible for damaged goods that you have sent, please ensure all products are well packaged.

We have the right to stop your sales at any time on our online marketplace should you breach any of our terms and conditions or obligations.  You will be informed immediately should we find you in breach of anything and give you a chance to rectify the breach.